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UniSpace Reporting

Welcome to the new UniSpace Reporting site.

The UniSpace team believe passionately in making accurate space data widely available.

And we understand that different users have different requirements when it comes to accessing that data: for some it’s a quick answer, for others it’s more detailed data reporting and investigation.

So we’ve pulled together a small range of reporting options tailored to suit you:

Training is always available, just Contact Us and let us know what you need.

Hand Held Reporting

Handheld Reporting

This link takes you to the UniSpace interactive reporting functionality. Here you can view space occupancy and type by building and campus in handy graphic form, without having to run reports. You can also export your results into Excel or a pdf.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

This link takes you to the UniSpace advanced reporting tool. All UniSpace database fields are available for analysis, including occupant, room type, room condition. It’s essential that you obtain training from the UniSpace team before obtaining access to this link.


Room Utilisation

You can request access to this link, which takes you to RUIS room utilisation software. Here you can report on the most recent utilisation of teaching spaces. You can tailor your reports to include some or all of the spaces. You can also choose different weeks, different room types for your reporting. Training is available from the UniSpace team.


G08 Space Group Repository

This link provides access to a confidential site holding survey data, case studies and reference information to which Go8 space managers frequently refer.



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